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Mabuhay to Blue Star Dive and Resort

Or as we would say, welcome to Blue Star Dive and Resort. Dive, Explore, Relax and have the most remarkable experience at the Blue Star Dive and Resort with our year round warm clear waters and natural reefs. Aside from a diving or snorkeling adventure starting on our magical house reef, you have the opportunity to visit the Chocolate Hills, meet the Tarsier and relax on Anda’s nearby white sand beaches or have a cruise to other Island with our Tourboat “The Anda Dreamliner”.

A perfect place for discerning and down-to-earth divers and tourists. The resort offers a combination of both Garden rooms and Sea View Bungalows.

Indulge in an unforgettable experience only Blue Star Dive and Resort can provide. What are you waiting for? Book now to make a reservation.

Anda- Bohol – Philippines




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Swimming pool

Take a dip to cool off in our purpose built pool
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Relax and enjoy a range of therapies
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Do some star gazing from our poolside jacuzzi
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Dive in crystal clear waters on our amazing house reef
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Explore untouched landscapes, rainforests, waterfalls and more...
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Visit the famous sites of Bohol like the Chocolate Hills
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Enjoy fresh tropical fruit cocktails at suset in our bar
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PIZZA oven

Wednesday night is Pizza night at Blue Star, Italian pizza's in our Wood Fired Oven

Dive in pristine clear water. Enjoy your holidays


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PADI 5 Star Dive Resort

Dive Center

Our fully equipped dive centre offers equipment rental in all sizes from young child to adult, a workshop for dive equipment maintenence as well as a fully equipped dive shop stocking everything from small essentials to the full range of diving related equipment. In addition to our air certified DIN and YOKE tanks we offer Nitrox filled tanks for rental.

Our Boats

We have two dive boats, a small banca for visiting the amazing dive sites around Anda, a long range boat with an inside cabin for diving daytrips to the surrounding islands of Southern Leyte, Camiguin, Limasawa to name a few.

Dive Sites

There are 16 amazing dive sites in Anda where you can see a vast array of maring life including Pygmy Seahorses, giant schoals of Jack fish, Mandarin fish, Frog fish to name but a few. Blue Star is located in the centre of the dive sites on the best section of the diving wall in Anda. As well as its tropical reefs Anda also boasts to have muck diving where you can see a range of critters

Fun Dives

We offer daily fun dives lead by our friendly team of local and international Divemasters who will guide you on your adventure underwater. Our scheduled boat dives leave Blue Star three times a day, morning, mid morning and after lunch for diving in Anda, in addition fun dives can be taken on our day safaris to surrounding islands. We offer fun dives as part of pay per dive packages as well as unlimited diving.


Blue Star offers the full range of both PADI and SSI courses from your first adventure in diving to professional qualifications our instructors are on hand to can teach in both English and German.

We offer a flexible program to fit around your holiday, training starts in our resort swimming pool progessing to the amazing dive spots in Anda. The course typically takes three to four days to complete.
The next stage in your diving adventure covering Under Water Navigation and Deep diving with three additional adventure dives totalling five dives. This course takes a minimum of two days to complete.
The Rescue Diver qualification is the third level in the PADI and SSI training system, you will learn the techniques to handle a wide range of diving related incidents.
Blue Star offers an extensive range of Specialties to compleent and broaden your diving knowledge, including:

Dive Trips

Explore the famous diving areas in the Bohol sea in sytle and comfort on the Anda Dreamliner our long range boat. We offer a range of day trips to departing from Blue Star as well as custom itineries to suite your schedule.

Spend the day exploring the dive sites of the island of Camiguin on board the Anda Dream Liner, in the season it is possible to see Manta Rays and  Eagle Rays. The boat leaves Blue Star in the morning, staying in Camiguin for lunch. It is possible to combine diving with adventure tours on the Island of Camiguin, including the hot springs and the famous trek to the top of an active Volcano.
Located in barangay Badiang, the eastern-most cape of Bohol island (only parts of Lapinig island are further east). This cape with its limestone rocks, caves, and secluded white-sand beaches can be accessed via land by walking on a bamboo walkway elevated over a Mangrove swamp or direct from Blue Star via boat. Lamanoc island is not just a beautiful nature spot, where you can see various types of plants and animals, including some indigenous monkeys, but also has a long mystical history attached to it. Since pre-colonial times, it has been a holy spot, where local priests and medicine men, called baylan or tambalan, made their offerings to nature spirits, or diwata, who where believed to reside here, and where called upon to provide a bountiful harvest or good catch. These practices continued long after the Spanish had converted the islands to Catholism, with people mixing their ancestral believes with the new teachings. Several balite trees, with their numerous aerial roots add to the mystic atmosphere.

Blue Star offers WhaleShark snorkelling tours on our Dreamliner boat to Pintuyan in Southern Leyte located on the Southern tip of Panoan Island, here is the unique opportunity to snorkel with these magnificent creatures. The remoteness of Pintuyan in Southern Leyte ensures the unique opportunity to spend time with the Whalesharks with no other boats in the vicinity.  The boat leaves early morning, returnning to Blue Star for dinner in the evening with lunch taken on the boat. Depending on available time and weather conditions there is the opportunity to dive in Southern Leyte in the morning.

The sea around Anda is richly endowed with giant shcools of Dolphins numbering over a thousand Dolphins, with up to 10 species of Dolphins as well as Pilot Whales. We take a short boat ride until we spot one of the schools then spend time having fun with these amazing creatures, you are most likely to see Bottle Nose and Spinner Dolphins.

Dive in pristine clear water. Enjoy your holidays


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the treatment

“Hilot” is the Philippine traditional  massage, which has been practised for generations, relax in our in house Spa and be pampered. We offer a range of treatments.

This massage uses long, warming strokes to encourage complete calm and wellbeing.Gently heated aromatherapy oils are poured onto the centre of the body and massaged into the skin using stretching and sweeping movements for deep relaxation. This soothing and indulgent massage leaves your mind, body and spirit soothed and relaxed.
Choose from calming green tea, energising ginger or revitalising citrus for this luxurious hand treatment. The hands are exfoliated and massaged with conditioning creams. Cuticles are groomed; fingernails are shaped and finished.
Choose from calming green tea, energising ginger or revitalising citrus for this luxurious foot and leg treatment. Hard skin is removed, feet and legs are massaged with conditioning creams, cuticles are groomed, toenails are shaped and finished.
A full treatment for your feet.
A range of additional treatments are available, please check with our qualified technician on arrival in resort.


Dive in pristine clear water. Enjoy your holidays


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Land trips

Explore the South East corner of Bohol, underground caves, Tarsier sanctuary, Chocolate Hills,  Cascading Waterfalls, Mangrove Swamps, Inland Lakes by guided tour, moutain bike or motorbike.

Our exprt tour guides are looking forwards to taking you on an adventure, we offer tailor made tour packages to suit your itinery to give you the perfect mix of Diving, Exploring and Relaxing.

Whaleshark watching Tours

Snorkel up close with these amazing creatures, the boat visits stunning Pintuyan bay in Southern Leyte where you have the opportunity to swim with the WhaleSharks in their natural habitat.

The Boat leaves Blue Star early morning, returning late afternoon for evening meal, it is possible to combine this tour with a Dive in Southern Leyte in the morning giant schools of Dolphins can be sighted to pass the time on the boat ride.

Dolphin Tours

The waters around Anda boast 12 different species of Dolphin as well as Pilot Whales, the most common varieties are Bottle Nose Dolphins and Pilot Whales with individual schools of over a thousand Dolphins. We take a short boat ride to find where the Dolphins are playing.   (more…)

Dive in pristine clear water. Enjoy your holidays

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